ER Doctor Shares A Tearjerker Story After Reuniting With A Patient She Treated That Is Thankfully Now In Recovery

Dr. Halleh Akbarnia has been working as an ER doctor for almost 20 years now, and she shared a tearjerker of a story on Facebook recently.

She reunited with a patient she treated that is now in recovery, and here’s what she had to say in her viral post.

“I have been an Emergency Medicine Physician for almost 20 years. I have worked through numerous disasters, and I’m used to the daily grind of heart attacks, gunshots, strokes, flu, traumas, and more,” she explained.

“It’s par for the course in my field. Yet nothing has made me feel the way I do about my “job” as this pandemic has—that knot-in-the-pit–of-your-stomach sensation while heading into work, comforted only by the empathetic faces of my colleagues who are going through the same.”

“I am grateful for their presence, knowing they are both literally and figuratively with me, that they understand and accept so profoundly the risks we take each day.”

“I also hope that my friends and family forgive me for my lack of presence during this time—precisely when we need each other most—and that they realize that their words, their encouragement, and their small gestures that come my way daily are the fuel that gets me through each day.”

“This is a story for all of us.”

“I met my patient, Mr. C., on my first real “pandemic” shift, when what we were seeing that day was what we had been preparing for.”

“He was classic in his presentation, his X-ray findings, his low oxygen levels… we just knew.”

“And he was the nicest man I had met in a long time. Gasping for breath, he kept asking if we needed anything, and that it would all be okay.”

“He told us he was a teacher but that he was learning so much from us, and how much he respected what we were doing. The opposite could not be more true.”

Here’s what ended up happening to Mr. C.

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