Her Crush Left Her Apartment In The Early Morning Hours And She Winds Up Stabbed To Death Not Long After As Her Killer Is Caught On Camera

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Tiffany Ferguson was a 23-year-old nurse living in Nashville. She had a twin sister Ali and they grew up in Loretto, Tennessee.

After Tiffany graduated from the University of North Alabama, she had moved to the city to take a job at Saint Thomas West Hospital working in critical care.

She lived in Nashville in an apartment with two roommates in a neighborhood called Wedgewood-Houston.

It’s something of an up and coming area, with old factory buildings being turned into galleries and distilleries. It’s also just blocks away from the heart of downtown.

Tiffany was giving, loving, and kind. She was one of those rare people so thoughtful and sweet that people couldn’t find a bad thing to say about her.

She loved spending time working out and cooking, and she was a real foodie. One thing that excited her the most about moving to Nashville was the food she would get to enjoy.

Tiffany was living out her dreams in Music City, and on the night she was tragically murdered, she had no reason to be concerned.

Facebook; Tiffany sips a drink in the photo above

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