Here Are Some Of The Best Cat Toys You Can Get On Etsy Right Now For Under $11

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One thing you can do more of while unable to leave your house is play with your cats! I found a bunch of adorable toys that are sure to entertain you and your feline friend.

The best part is, you can get them all on Etsy right now for under $11!

Catnip Sushi Rolls

Sushi Roll Cat Toy with Catnip and Jingle Bell image 0

These catnip sushi rolls are pawsitively adorable! They also come with a bell, too.

The seller says these are, “all designs kitty-tested and kitty-approved.”

You can get them here starting at $7

Organic Catnip Tacos

Taco Cat Toys Organic Catnip Taco Toys Birthday Cat Gifts Taco image 0

These tiny tacos are made with organic catnip and eco-friendly felt and are handmade in Canada.

You can pick from soft-shell off white for the taco shell or hard-shell yellow.

You can get it here for $9.21

Catnip Unicorn

Cat toys Catnip Unicorn  Catnip toy for cat gift for cat lover image 0

Make things a little more magical for your cat’s playtime with this catnip unicorn!

You can get it here for $8.84

Catnip Pizza

Cat toys Catnip Pizza Catnip toy for cat gift for cat lover image 0

Pizza isn’t just for people anymore! This little slice is full of catnip for even more enjoyment.

You can get it here for $8.84

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