Husband Asks The Internet If He’s The Worst For Refusing To Let His Wife Name Their ‘Future Child’ After Her Husband Who Passed Away

A husband went online to ask the internet if he’s the worst over something he is adamantly not letting happen.

He’s refusing to let his wife name their “future child” after her husband who passed away several years ago.

“I met my wife four years ago,” he started out his post by setting a timeline of when he met his wife and what happened.

“The love of her life had passed away four months beforehand, a man she had known her entire life and was considered the “perfect couple” by all family and friends.”

“She was just now beginning to get over it and back into the world of dating.”

“She let me know on the first date what had happened and she explained to me he would always be an important part of her life. I agreed and I understood.”

“We were both slightly broken when we met, but in different ways. She had lost the love of her life, I had recently lost my mother and a long-term relationship as a result of that (she said my personality “changed”).”

“I thought she was ready, I was ready, but now, I don’t think she was. I think she should have waited a little longer. Of course, grief doesn’t have a time limit but the longer you wait the better you’ll feel.”

“My mother had passed when I was 20, and my dad was a broken man. He met my stepmom and they’re great together but she understands how important my mom is to him.”

“I wanted to do the same.”

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