IKEA Just Posted The Recipe For Their Iconic Swedish Meatballs And Here’s How You Can Make Them At Home

Yes, we all known and love IKEA for their amazing and affordable furniture and homeware. Fun IKEA story; I once staged an apartment with their furniture and had people commenting on how expensive and high-end it was. Of course, I told them it was IKEA!

We don’t all just love this Swedish company for their furniture; we also love them for their iconic Swedish meatballs!

If your feeling especially sad you can’t go out and wander their aisles of cool products while also enjoying their meatballs, guess what?

IKEA just posted the recipe for how to make them so you can recreate them in the comfort of your own home!

Taking to Twitter yesterday, they posted the recipe along on their UK page, with step by step instructions that look just like how you would put together some of their furniture.

Head to the next page to check it out!

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