Just 30 Minutes After She Took This Picture Of Her Children In Car Seats, 2 Of Them Were Dead, 1 Internally Decapitated: Now This Mom Is Pleading With Every Parent To Look At This Photo And Listen To Her Story

The pick-up truck entered their lane of a two-lane road, and even though Christine desperately tried to avoid the oncoming truck, it ended up hitting them.

Christine reacted quickly to the situation, and Eran recalls her telling to hold tight as she explained she was going to purposefully drive into a ditch to try to keep their accident from getting worse.

“My sister-in-law said, ‘Hold on, I’m going to take the ditch’ — those were her last words,” Eran recalled to Yahoo UK.

The car spun around multiple times, and Eran thinks it could have been 10 to 15 times. As the car finally came to a stop, Eran instantly knew that Christine had passed away, as she watched her hand fall off of the steering wheel in front of her.

Facebook; Owen, along with Eran’s youngest children, Oliver and Elizabeth, are pictured above

Eran wasn’t completely conscious yet, but she could hear her oldest son Owen yelling. Trent had sadly died after sustaining an internal spinal decapitation, but before he passed Eran could hear him gasping for every last breath he took.

“It’s hard to explain how it feels to hear your baby cry in that way – I have no words to describe that feeling,” she went on to say.

When she finally came to, she had no idea where her daughter Hailie was. She wasn’t in the back seat.

She later learned that Hailie slid out from underneath the lap restraint on her no-back booster seat and ended right up under the driver’s seat where Christine was. She had sustained severe internal organ damage and passed away.

Owen had collapsed lungs, a broken arm, and a ruptured spleen, but he did survive that day.

Speaking to Child Safety Link, Eran said, “I had always thought a lot about the safety of my kids (and all kids) but of course safety—especially child safety in cars—is my mission now. Knowing what I know now, I would have buckled my children differently in the car. Although they were correctly restrained according to Provincial law and Canadian regulation, I now know that there were better options that would have given them more protection.”

“Trent’s spine was severed because he was sitting in a forward-facing seat. Although he was the correct weight for the seat, young children have large heads and weak necks. If he had been sitting in a rear-facing seat, the force of the frontal collision would have been distributed along the back of the car seat protecting his head, neck and spine.”

“Hailie was 4 years old and just over the 40 pound minimum to use a booster seat. She was using a backless booster and the impact forced her to slide under the seat belt and under the driver’s seat, causing fatal internal injuries. I now know that she would have stood a better chance if she had remained in a seat with a five-point harness.”

“Although Owen survived, he may have sustained less severe and life-impacting injuries had he remained in a five-point harnessed car seat.”

Eran is now doing everything she can to make sure parents are aware of what car seats will keep their children the safest. She’s also lobbying to get laws changed around car seats too.

“With more studies throughout the years, I discovered that having the proper car seats could have saved their lives. I’m on a mission to help change the laws surrounding car seat. And to help keep as many babies safe as possible,” she explained on GoFundMe.

Eran also uses her own personal money to help purchase the proper car seats for families that can’t afford to buy them.

You can follow Eran on Facebook here.

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