Kentucky Teen Mom Goes Missing After Being Seen Driving Around With An Older Man, Then Sending An Unsettling Message To Her Sister And Nearly 10 Years Later, Her Scorched Skull Is Found In The Middle Of The Ohio Woods

Cell phone records that don’t add up, witnesses that refuse to cooperate, an unsettling message, and a scorched skull…what happened to Paige Johnson?

Paige Johnson was a 17-year-old teen mom from Kentucky who went missing under mysterious circumstances.

She had an adorable daughter named Makenzie who was 2-year-old when she disappeared. Paige was very athletic and enjoyed dancing, gymnastics, and cheerleading.

She was very social and outgoing. She was trusting and tried to find the good in everyone.

She didn’t have an easy life; her family wasn’t well off and struggled financially. There also was a history of drug addiction.

Paige’s sister Brittany was her best friend, and the two girls were very close, despite their 3 year age gap.

They enjoyed going to parties together and even got pregnant around the same time. Paige ended up dropping out of high school after having her daughter so she could focus on taking care of her.

Paige’s mom would later say that she was very naive, and she was not hanging out with a good group of people when she vanished after going to a party one night.

Facebook; Paige smiles and holds her daughter in the photo above

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