Man Asks The Internet If It Was Too Harsh Of Him To Expose A Beauty Guru For Trying To Steal From Him Online In Front Of Her Followers

A man asked the internet if it was too harsh of him to expose a beauty guru for trying to steal from him online…and in front of her followers.

Here’s how this all even happened in the first place.

“I made this account because I’m tired of the passive-aggressive bull this girl keeps throwing at me, so I want to see if I’m the a** or her,” he started out by explaining.

“Firstly, I’m a guy, 26, who tries to have the healthiest lifestyle I can.”

“I also make a good amount of money and can buy the natural lotions and skincare/bath care products I can get.”

“These aren’t cheap and when I do get them I make sure I use them smartly and make them last.”

Nothing wrong with a man that cares about a good skincare regime!

“My roommate and I get along great, she doesn’t touch my things in the bathroom and I don’t touch hers.”

“She has her own shelf, I have mine.”

But here’s where it gets bad. And it’s not really his roommate’s fault? But it also kind of is.

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