Meet The Adorable Boxer Delivering Wine And Smiles To Winery Customers That Are Social Distancing Right Now

Soda looks like your average, totally adorable Boxer, but he’s become something of a local hero! Ok, ok, his name is definitely not average either.

He’s delivering some much-needed wine and smiles to winery customers that are social distancing right now.

Stone House Urban Winery in Hagerstown, Maryland, has cleverly employed this adorable guy to help them keep up with their customers.

“We are the only female-run, totally run winery in Maryland. Then again I guess you can’t count Soda, cause he’s not a female. But, he’s helping out as well,” Lori Yata, a co-owner of the winery, said on Facebook.

Soda is hard at work, and here’s what he’s doing for the customers of Stone House Urban Winery.

Facebook; pictured above Soda makes a delivery

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