Mom Explains That She Pretty Much Named Her Daughter ‘Lasagna’ And Now She’s Not Sure What To Do

Sometimes, you don’t really realize a baby name blunder until it’s too late. Just look at Amy Schumer!

She named her son Gene Attell…and then realized what that actually sounds like (I’ll let you just sit there and say it out loud), so she changed his name.

Well, this mom is in a similar predicament. She’s on the internet explaining that she pretty much named her daughter “lasagna” and now she’s not quite sure what to do.

“My husband and I welcomed our first child about nine weeks ago. We found out it was going to be a girl and we quickly decided on the name Elizabeth for her,” she started out by explaining.

Cool, Elizabeth. Good name choice. How could this possibly go wrong?

“Her middle name was originally going to be Jane, with the intent to call her EJ, however, when I was seven months pregnant, my husband’s mother lost her fight with breast cancer.”

EJ would be such a cute nickname, and Elizabeth Jane does sound pretty regal and refined.

“Her name was Anya (pronunciation: Ahn-Yuh). I loved her so I offered to change the middle name from Jane to Anya.”

“My husband and his family were touched and agreed so our daughter became Elizabeth Anya Jane Last-Name.”

Ok, I completely understand the sentiment, but Elizabeth Anya is a little tough to say.

That’s really a mouthful but I guess not a lot of people go by their first name plus their middle name? I only met one girl that did in my entire 29 years on this earth.

Here’s where it gets unfortunate for Elizabeth almost Jane.

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