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Mom Warns About Hand Sanitizer After One Exploded In Her Daughter’s Eye, Leaving Her With A Chemical Burn

I bet you never stopped to think that a small bottle of hand sanitizer could explode and cause injuries, but it turns out, this happened to one poor little girl pretty recently.

Her mom is now warning people about the dangers of hand sanitizer after her 11-year-old daughter suffered a chemical burn when a bottle exploded into her eye.

Just a few days ago, Alex Chadwick took her 11-year-old daughter Olivia-Layla Chadwick with her to a local pharmacy to pick up a prescription.

On their home’s security footage that Alex later shared with Kennedy News and Media, you can see the mom and daughter duo walk out to their car.

They climb into their black Mercedes, pull out of their driveway, drive away…and then disaster struck.

Kennedy News and Media; 11-year-old Olivia is pictured above

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