‘No One Has Left Our Unit Yet Except In A Body Bag’ Nurse Shares In A Facebook Post What It’s Brutally Like Right Now In A Makeshift ICU

Aleixandrea Macias is a 24-year-old nurse and mom of 4 currently working in a makeshift ICU down in Texas.

She shared a photo of herself with tears in her eyes and a mark on her nose from where her mask has been clearly rubbing her face, along with what it’s brutally like right now for her.

What she shared on the next page had me bawling.

Facebook; Aleixandrea is pictured above in a photo taken before all of this

“I haven’t posted a true update in days because I could not find anything positive to say,” she started out by saying.

“I tried since Thursday to change my perspective and be a ray of light in this dark time, but I just keep being beat down.”

“I have never seen anything like this before, never taken care of someone that is so healthy but at the same time so deathly sick.”

“I’ve been working in a makeshift ICU for days now because there were no other nurses to staff the area.”

There are not enough staff even though we get new people daily, not enough experienced staff (because who on earth can be experienced for this level of sick?!), not enough supplies.”

“I can’t count the times I have heard “well we could try and do this but we don’t have this”. I’m not an ICU nurse at all, but neither is hardly anyone else working these units now.”

“I’ve told Julio Macias (her husband) 2 days in a row that I want to come home. But he talks me back off the edge each time because he knows how much I would regret leaving because at this point anybody at all helps. So I’m still here. Day 11 is done.”

Please prepare yourself before reading further to the next page, because what she has to say is absolutely upsetting.

Facebook; Aleixandrea shared the above photo of signs in windows outside her unit

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