Nurse Outlines Some Of The Worst Things She Is Experiencing Right Now In An Overwhelming Post ‘Our Hug Could Be Hurtful’

Christina Maria Eramo is a mom of three and nurse working in the ICU at Emerson Hospital in Concord, Massachusetts.

She shared some of the worst things she is experiencing right now on the front lines in an overwhelming post.

“I’ll tell you what the worst part of this pandemic is,” she starts out by saying.

“A patient getting rushed through the ICU doors and recognizing the sheer terror in their eyes. They are alone.”

“They have decompensated so quickly they might not have called their family to say what could be, “goodbye.” They are surrounded by a room of masked people.”

“By machines. By the shrill ringing of the monitors reminding them their O2 is tanking. They say they understand what’s about to happen, but do they?”

“They just know they need to let it happen and fast. And we tell them, “I will take care of you,” and hold their shaking hand with our gloved one.”

“And we sedate them, and we intubate them. And we titrate to keep them comfortable.”

“Work is becoming more like some sort of war zone.”

Facebook; pictured above in a black and white photo is Christina 

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