Pregnant 23-Year-Old Says She’s Days Away From Giving Birth And Just Found Out Her 37-Year-Old Boyfriend Can’t Be In The Delivery Room Because He’s Apparently Married

Oh, this poor girl. A pregnant 23-year-old says she’s days away from giving birth. She expected her 37-year-old boyfriend to be in the delivery room, but she just found out he won’t be there…

…Because he’s apparently married and never told her until now.

I couldn’t even imagine finding out life-changing news like this, let alone while pregnant and about to give birth.

My heart just goes out to this mom-to-be so much, because it seems like she did nothing wrong. All she did was trust her partner, and this is the terrible situation she ended up in through really no fault of her own.

“I’m just in shock right now. Like I almost feel numb, but I really appreciate everyone here for your help,” she started out by explaining.

“I was really happy and looking forward to baby and I just feel really sad right now so I need to take a breather. Everything is ready for the baby and I’m still excited to meet them, but Jesus.”

“So first off I know the age gap probably should’ve been a red flag but I was stupid,” she goes on to say. I’m not sure that was a red flag; there are plenty of people in healthy relationships that have age differences.

What she goes on to share though also doesn’t sound necessarily like red flags, although in hindsight, of course, you can see how it is.

“We’ve been together for two years but he lives in a different city. When I got pregnant, he said he was going to move to my city and we would move in together, he just needed to finalize some things with his ex-wife.”

“He told me he was divorced when we met and I never had any reason to question it. I knew that he had 2 kids with her as well, he told me the truth about that, just not that he wasn’t divorced (or even separated).”

Again, this all sounds plausible and not fishy at all. There’s just no cause for concern. He told her he has kids, he told her he needs to tie up some loose ends before moving to a new city…it just all lines up.

Until it doesn’t, and he tells her the terrible truth.

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