Read The Heartbreaking Letter A Young Husband Wrote On His Phone To His Wife And Kids Before Passing Away Without Them In The ICU

Jonathan Coelho was a healthy 32-year-old from Connecticut who tragically passed away from the virus.

He had been intubated for 20 days and had been in the hospital for just under a month.

On a GoFundMe page created to help his family cover the costs of his medical bills and provide for his wife and children, it says, “Jonathan is the sole provider and works tirelessly to care for his wife Katie and their two kids, Braedyn and Penelope.”

“Katie is a wonderful stay at home mom who has spent countless hours caring for Braedyn who has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and their sweet baby girl, Penelope.”

“Jonathan is the most loving, kind-hearted human being. He is the most amazing husband and father. He worships Katie and his kids.”

“This was his WORST fear, he always spoke about how he worried something would happen to him and he wouldn’t be here for us. And his worst fear came true.”

Before he passed away, he was alone in the ICU without his wife Katie or their children.

He was able to write a note to them on his phone, that Katie later found after he had passed and the hospital gave his phone to her.

GoFundMe; Jonathan, his wife Katie, and their two children smile together in the photo above

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