She Missed A Night Out With Her Friends, So They Used An App To Locate Her And Found Her Dead In A Man’s Bed Just 2 Months Before She Would Have Graduated

Haley Anderson was a 22-year-old young woman from Westbury, New York, which is on Long Island.

She lived with her parents and her younger sister Madeline before completing high school and leaving home to go to college.

She was attending Binghamton University and studying nursing while working part-time at a local coffee shop.

She was in her senior year of college, with an emergency room job already waiting for her back home on Long Island when her life was abruptly abbreviated.

Haley was one of those women who really did bring joy with her wherever she went. She was smart and full of life. She was thrilled to graduate and start her career.

She was ambitious and kind-hearted. She dreamed of being a nurse in the first place so she could devote her life to helping people who needed it.

She never got to fulfill that dream.

This is what happened to Haley and how she lost her life on March 8th of 2018…just 2 months before she would have graduated.

Facebook; Haley smiles in the photo above

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