She Was Found Floating In Pieces Down The Hudson River After Her Credit Cards Were Used To Buy Meat Cleavers And Garbage Bags, Which Led Police Right To Her Killer

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Jennifer Londono was a 31-year-old woman living in New Jersey whose friends and family called her Jenny.

She was ambitious and kind. She worked hard, and she followed her dreams.

Just before her devastating murder, Jenny used her hard-earned money to open the Luna Lounge in Englewood, New Jersey.

Jenny partnered up with her boyfriend, Raphael Lolos, to make the new entrepreneurial venture a success.

Raphael invested in Jenny, and Jenny ended up managing the lounge. It quickly became a local hot-spot, and customers couldn’t help but love Jenny’s personality.

It wasn’t long before Raphael became jealous and suspicious of her. He thought Jenny was seeing another man behind his back. 

Facebook; Jenny is pictured above

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