Single Dad Asks If It’s Wrong Of Him To Let His Son’s Girlfriend Sleep In His Room And The Internet Is Confused Over Why This Girl’s Parents Are Mad About It

So, a single dad asked if it’s wrong of him to let his son’s girlfriend sleep in his room, and the internet is quite honestly confused over why this girl’s parents are mad about it.

“So I’m a single dad of my 19-year-old son,” he starts out by explaining.

“He’s been dating a girl from his college since the beginning of freshman year, and when he came back she asked if she could stay with me instead of her parents.”

“I thought about it pretty deeply because I didn’t really know how I felt about it at first, but I have a lot of extra space and I figured if I said no they’d try and see each other anyway despite the stay at home orders.”

“I’ve been treating it as close to a regular roommate situation as I can, although he is my son so it’s not quite the same, but my house is big enough that they can keep to themselves without bothering me.”

“And not that I’ve been trying to listen to their conversations, but from what I’ve heard they’re very good for each other.”

“They’re always very happy and nice to each other and there doesn’t seem to be any conflicts.”

Here’s where it gets interesting.

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