Teen’s Parents Took Everything She Owns And All Of Her Clothes Away Except 3 Pairs Of Jeans And 3 Shirts For Punishment, Now She’s Asking For Help While The Internet Is Shaking Their Heads

I understand parenting is no cakewalk, but when you hear about ineffective and weird ways parents think of punishing their kids for things, you can only shake your head.

This is definitely one of those moments where the punishment quite certainly does not find the crime, and you have to wonder what the heck these people are thinking.

A teen says her parents took all of her clothes away except for 3 pairs of jeans and 3 shirts for punishment and now she’s understandably online asking for some help with how to handle this.

She starts out by explaining that she’s a junior in high school, and she got into some trouble this past fall.

She was caught smoking with some kids in the woods at her school, and it turns out she also was making out with a guy back there and her parents found out about all of this.

So, this is what her parents did to try to punish her for that. And yes, they wanted to punish her for both things she was caught doing, which she adds in later on.

“As punishment, my parents took away a lot of my things; all my clothes except 3 pairs of plain jeans and 3 plain black shirts and my coat,” she says.

They didn’t stop there…they basically took away everything this girl owns.

“And all my makeup and hair stuff, purses and shoes; saying I had to earn things back with good behavior, I don’t get to engage in my hobby (fashion) till I’ve earned it.”

How about making her come straight home after school and grounding her instead? That would make more sense…but just for the smoking.

Who punishes their kid for making out with a boy?!

She admits it has been a rough past couple of months, but she realized a few things.

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