She Stabbed Her Ex 16 Times Before Cutting The Word ‘Boy’ Into Her Arm And Showing Up On A Stranger’s Doorstep, Saying She Had To Defend Herself

She had made accusations against a man who was friends with Jason, saying that this man had sexually assaulted her.

Everything began to unravel after a detective actually looked into what she said had happened to her.

This detective found out that Ezra had sent the man in question a series of provocative text messages, which didn’t support her story. Alex was also interviewed by the detective, and that was the final straw.

Alex explained that Ezra had been a very willing participant and that she ended up feeling bad about whatever had happened between them afterward, leaving it obvious that she simply wasn’t telling the truth at all.

Charges against the man were dropped.

Instagram; Ezra sits in a red chair, above

It was evident she was attempting to juggle relationships with three different men at the same time. It just didn’t work out for her.

She packed up and left Eau Claire and went home to live with her family. While back home with her family, she put all of her time and energy into winning Jason over. Getting him back in her life.

But he wasn’t having it. So Ezra popped back up in Eau Claire.

Instagram; Ezra is pictured above in a selfie

It was March 22nd, 2018, when Ezra decided to get in her car and drive back to Eau Claire. She stopped at a coffee shop that Alex worked at, before heading to his house.

Only a few hours after she arrived, Alex was dead, and Ezra was standing on a stranger’s front porch, covered in mud and blood; pleading for help.

Instagram; Ezra wears a hat, above

Don Sipple is a dairy farmer who lives on a quiet farm in Spring Brook, Wisconsin.

This man never expected to find a young woman on his doorstep, shoes missing, hair a mess, mud and blood spattered across her, but there Ezra was, at around 4:15 in the afternoon. She claimed she had been attacked.

Don quickly called 911 and asked Ezra what her name was. She told him she couldn’t remember that detail or where she lived.

But she said he could call Jason Mengle in Eau Claire when she was asked about someone they could call for her, and she stated that again for the responding officers.

Dunn County District Attorney’s Office; pictured above is Ezra on March 22nd, 2018

When officers arrived at Don’s house, they saw that Ezra had some blood near her mouth. Her pants were ripped around one of her thighs. She still couldn’t tell them her name or address.

An ambulance arrived, and she was rushed to the Mayo Clinic Health System back in Eau Claire. It’s not clear if she was able to tell the hospital staff that her name was Ezra, or if they were somehow able to identify her in some way, but they eventually knew who she was.

Ezra told police officers that she was attacked, but she didn’t remember what happened really. “I’m trying so hard. I’m trying to get things to come to me but it’s like it just keeps getting blocked out…” she said.

The doctor who treated Ezra at the hospital noticed that on her left arm the word “boy” was cut into it in such a way that the word was facing her.

This doctor later stated that it appeared that “boy” had been something Ezra had sliced into her own skin, while Ezra admitted she had harmed herself previously.

It then came to light that Alex had been with Ezra, and she claimed he had been the one that attacked her.

But nobody could find Alex.

Dunn County District Attorney’s Office; pictured above is where Alex was found, hanging out of Ezra’s car

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