Woman Asks The Internet If It Was Wrong Of Her To Tell Her Husband’s Female Friend ‘That My Husband Is MY Husband, And Not Hers’

A woman asked the internet if it was wrong of her to tell her husband’s female friend “that my husband is MY husband, and not hers.”

Here’s how that comment even came about.

“My husband Jake and I have been together for six years, and he has been friends with Carly for two years longer than that,” she started out her post by saying.

“I suspect that Carly has feelings for Jake, but he has never had feelings for her.”

“I’ve never been thrilled about their friendship, but I trust my husband and have total confidence that he would never cheat.”

“A year ago, Carly moved into our neighborhood. She lives alone, and she picked up the habit of asking Jake to help her with housework and maintenance.”

“When her water heater broke, she called Jake.”

“When she needed help setting up a TV, she called Jake. When her trees needed trimming, she called Jake. Etc. Etc. You get the idea.”

“Jake and Carly also work near each other downtown, and a few days a week she’ll ask him for a ride to work when she doesn’t “feel like driving.” She’s also started dropping by our house unannounced, usually when she’s having a bad day and wants to vent to Jake about it.”

“She relies on him heavily for emotional support 24/7.”

“While I’ve tried to be patient and respectful of my husband’s friendship with her, I have become less and less tolerant of Carly in the past few months as I feel she’s become a constant presence in our marriage.”

“The final straw came yesterday.”

Here’s what that final straw was that really set her off on Carly.

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