Woman Asks The Internet If She’s Mean For Telling Her Friend ‘Exactly Why She’s Not Married’

Oh, buckle up for this one. A woman asked the internet if she’s mean for telling her friend, “exactly why she’s not married.”

“So I’m engaged,” she starts out by explaining.

“This news has been circling through my old high school friends and I’ve been getting a lot of nice messages about it from everyone except this girl Kate.”

“Kate and I were friends in middle school/high school, but I haven’t spoken to her since then (we are both 25-years-old).”

“When we were kids she was very clear that her whole goal in life was to get married and become a Stay At Home Mom.”

“Dope, you do you. She’s always been very traditional and feminine and I’ve always been very tomboyish/masculine.”

“This never posed an issue when we were friends.”

“Since I got engaged Kate has felt the need to let me, and everyone else, know how she “doesn’t understand how” I’m engaged.”

“She said “OP is just not what anyone thinks of as wife material” and “OP just isn’t very feminine, it’s surprising she’s getting married first” or just straight up making fun of the fact that I make more money than my fiance and he’s taking my last name.”

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