YouTube Star Got Into a Little Fender Bender With A Stranger’s Car And Left A Note But How This Person Replied To Him Will Give You The Faith In Humanity You Need This Week

If you’re feeling like everyone is the worst right now, you’re not the only one.

It’s pretty easy to wake up every day, see all of the terrible things happening around us, hear about how selfish and cruel other people are being right now, and just want to give up on humanity entirely.

Not so fast.

Casey Neistat is a 39-year-old YouTube star living in Los Angeles, California, and the story he recently shared on Twitter is about to give you the faith in humanity you need this week.

Casey got into a little fender bender two days ago and ended up scratching a complete stranger’s car.

He explained on Twitter that he drives a pick-up truck that’s 17-years-old, so it doesn’t come with a backup camera.

Complicating things further, Casey said it’s kind of impossible to see what is behind him when he backs up, and he admits he’s not the best driver.

Here’s what he accidentally did…

Instagram; pictured above Casey snaps a selfie with an adorable pup

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