1-Year-Old Thrown Off A Cliff To Her Death After Her Pregnant Young Mom Was Stabbed In The Throat And Stomach, Left For Dead

Madalyn Payton Slater was an adorable 1-year-old little girl who was thrown off a cliff to her death in what can only be described as a senseless act of violence.

Madalyn was a few short months away from being a sister, as her mom, 23-year-old Ashley Grome was 6 months pregnant with another child.

Ashley is married to 49-year-old Adam Slater, and he is also the father of both of her children. The couple got married just 2 years ago.

On May 6th, Adam took Madalyn’s life, and he tried to take Ashley’s too.

“My daughter was the absolute love of my life and she meant everything and more to me,” Ashley said about Madalyn on a GoFundMe page she started.

“Everything I did and everything I will do for the rest of my life is for her. She was beautiful and her smile was contagious, even after a bad day, she always cheered me up.”

“She was taken from this world way too soon.”

Here’s what tragically happened just a few days ago.

Facebook; Madalyn smiles while standing in a car, above

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