18-Year-Old Tells The Internet She’s Being Punished Over Her Sister’s Pregnancy And Wonders If It Was Rude Of Her To Call Her Parents Out On It

Well, this is quite a situation. An 18-year-old girl told the internet she’s being punished over her 23-year-old sister’s pregnancy.

She eventually called her parents out over all of it and is left wondering if that was the rude or the right thing to do.

She starts out by explaining that her grandmother passed away about 8 years ago, and she left their family quite a bit of money.

She gave money to every single one of her grandkids, but she had certain conditions she wanted to be met.

Those included not doing drugs, ending up a drunk, getting arrested, or getting pregnant/ getting someone else pregnant.

Grandma then put money for all of her grandkids into separate accounts, and because everyone was a kid, the account names were put in their parents’ names.

Sounds pretty straightforward, but here’s where the big mess comes in, and why this 18-year-old is now saying her life is pretty much ruined.

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