2 Surfers Find Young Woman Murdered, Or Was She Killed By A Great White Shark? Inside The Bewildering Case Of Michelle Von Emster

The water temperature off the coast of Sunset Cliffs was just 59 degrees, which is absolutely freezing.

Why would Michelle have decided to take a skinny dip in such frigid waters? That doesn’t add up for a lot of people.

Others thought maybe she fell off one of the cliffs that are so precariously steep, but her autopsy does not point to that at all.

Several shark experts have disputed Brian’s findings, insisting Michelle could not have been a victim of a shark attack. 

Ralph Collier, a leading expert on sharks who runs Global Shark Attack File, has pointed out that if a shark really did rip off Michelle’s leg, she would have immediately died of blood loss, and there was no way she could have ingested so much sand.

Adding to this, when sharks do bite people, they leave very clean bone breaks. The bone on Michelle’s leg had a very jagged and pointed break.

Additionally, the bruising Michelle had on her face, her broken pelvis, her broken ribs, her broken neck…none of that is in line with a shark attack.

Richard Rosenblatt, the Chairman of the Scripps Institute for Oceanography whom Brian reached out to, explains Michelle’s injuries are not consistent with any kind of shark attack, because the wounds she sustained that appeared to be bite marks were far too small to have been made by a shark.

Now, there were smaller wounds that made it seem Blue sharks had come along to potentially feed on her after her death, but those marks could not have caused her death.

In 2008, a medical examiner by the name of Glenn Wagner re-examined Michelle’s case and confirmed she had died prior to sharks taking a few bites out of her.

All of these things had people thinking Michelle had to have been murdered, dumped in the water, and made to seem as if she was attacked by a shark.

Given the amount of sand she had ingested, it’s possible someone tried to drown her and that’s how that happened.

Michelle was last seen alive at 8 p.m. before she was found in the early morning hours the following morning.

She was supposed to go to a concert with her friend and roommate Coco Campbell, but when they got there they weren’t allowed in because their tickets were for a different night.

On the way home, Michelle apparently asked Coco to take her to a pier close to Sunset Cliffs, but it’s not clear why she wanted to be there, but one thing is clear; Coco said she was not quite acting like herself.

Coco said she left her at the pier around 8 p.m. and that Michelle was dressed in her trenchcoat since it was chilly that night, in the 50s.

Many people think it’s suspicious that their concert tickets ended up have issues, and that Coco was perfectly ok with leaving her friend behind at a pier in the dark after that, but she was never named as a suspect.

Another thing that’s strange is that Michelle’s purse ended up being recovered about a few miles away from where she was found, in a very public setting.

It still had her money, her keys, and her ID inside of it, and some feel it was purposely left there to throw investigators off.

Her clothes, however, were never found.

Now, Michelle had mentioned to a few people that were close to her not long before her death that she had a man that was stalking her.

She never gave a lot of information, just that this man rode a motorcycle, and she ended up giving up her job at a coffee shop because this man would stalk her at work.

Michelle then went on to work at a copy shop. Bizarrely enough, not long after she was found dead, a man rode up to the store on a motorcycle, walked inside, and proceeded to make several different copies of her autopsy report.

Freaky, for sure. Was this the man she had said stalked her?

There also is a second man that was in Michelle’s life who has raised some eyebrows after her death.

His name is Edwin Decker, and he says he went on a date with Michelle just two nights before she passed away.

He made comments to investigators, saying that Michelle was a free spirit who liked to swim and surf without her clothes on, but her friends vehemently denied this.

Furthermore, he published a very bizarre poem right after her death:

The report said there was a tattoo

A butterfly on her shoulder

Which I remembered that night

On my couch when I, like the shark

Chewed on her lips and took off her shirt

Weird? For sure. He also has published several in-depth articles about what he and Michelle did on their date.

But a poem doesn’t automatically make you a murderer, and it’s worth noting Edwin was the one who asked investigators to look into Michelle’s case again in 2008.

To this day, authorities consider Michelle’s case closed, and her official cause of death is still listed as being a victim of a shark attack, while Global Shark Attack File refuses to accept that, along with many other people.

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