21-Year-Old Murdered On Campus, Then Her Killer Went On A Date Just Minutes Later And Her Friends Were Terrified For Her Safety In The Weeks Before

21-year-old Lauren McCluskey was born in Berkley, California. After she graduated high school, she moved east to attend the University of Utah to study communications, and she lived on campus.

She was on track to graduate in the spring of 2019. When she graduated from college, she dreamed of moving somewhere sunny and warm and pursuing a career in public relations.

Even as a child, Lauren was always on the go, so it was no surprise to her parents when she grew up to be quite athletic.

Lauren was a track-and-field star, and she continued to be competitive in that through college.

Lauren was intelligent. She was sweet. She was sensitive. She loved animals, especially cats, and she volunteered at a local animal shelter. She liked to do karaoke in her free time with her friends.

She never had one bad thing to say about anyone she ever met.

Lauren was more on the quiet side, but her parents say she just chose her words very carefully before speaking.

The light this bright and beautiful woman brought to people in her life was snuffed out when she was murdered…right on campus.

Facebook; Lauren smiles while posing with her hand on her hip in the photo above

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