23-Year-Old Yelled At Her Boyfriend To ‘Grow Up Or Get Out’ But Now She’s Worried She Was Too Harsh While The Internet Says She Needs To Do Better

A 23-year-old woman says she yelled at her boyfriend to “grow up or get out,” but now she’s worried she was just too harsh with him.

Meanwhile, the internet is telling her that she needs to do better…

“Ok, so I know the title might sound mean, but hear me out,” she starts out by saying. “I have been (23-year-old female) dating my boyfriend (25-year-old male) since November, and overall things were going fine.”

“When recent events hit, he decided to move in with me instead of stay with his parents, and that was fine until he could no longer find work or get unemployment.”

“He had enough savings to live comfortably well into August or longer if he cut back on the take-out and smoked…less (every other day-ish instead of every day).”

“We sat down and did the math together about how to budget his costs down, and I said I wouldn’t worry about rent if he took care of his own groceries and threw some money at the utilities.”

She explains that “Now, he’s blown through most of that money with door dashing everything he eats (won’t consider doing door dash or minimum-wage work btw), and here’s where the story starts.”

Here’s where it all goes downhill…

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