4-Month-Old Little Girl Senselessly Suffocated To Death By A Teen While At Daycare And The Whole Thing Was Caught On Camera

Isabella Rosetta Talton was an adorable 4-month-old little girl. What shockingly happened to her can only be described as a parent’s worst nightmare.

Her parents Amanda Livingston and Cardell Talton are left heartbroken after their young daughter was “taken senselessly and mercilessly” away from them.

Her obituary reads, “In Isabella’s four short months of embracing life, she has been a reflection into all things that are good in life.”

“Her days with her family were happy and filled with the innocence of her tiny smile, gazing into her beautiful dark eyes, and feeling the warmth and tenderness she would bring to our family and to this world.”

September 5th, 2019, started out like a pretty ordinary Thursday for Isabella.

She was dropped off at her daycare center, called the Little People Child Development Center, located in Bear, Delaware.

She first started going to this daycare center when she turned 6 weeks old, on June 12th, 2019.

Daycares are supposed to be safe places for children of all ages, and nobody expects to have their child pass away in the hands of professionals.

That September day would be Isabella’s last day on earth. She was murdered at her daycare by someone who was supposed to be taking care of this innocent little girl.

GoFundMe; pictured above Isabella smiles

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