4-Year-Old Girl Suffers Heartbreaking Death At The Hands Of Her Father, Then Her Face Is Eaten By Rats

4-year-old Willow Dunn had a heartbreaking start to her life and a heartbreaking end to her life.

Willow was born with Down syndrome, and just one week after her mom Naomi Dunn gave birth to her, she passed away because of blood clots.

Shortly after Naomi died, one of her very best friends, Shannon White, moved in with Willow’s dad Mark Dunn, who lived in Cannon Hill, which is in Australia.

While Willow did initially live with relatives, she was sent to live with her dad and Shannon when she was around a year old, though it’s not clear why that happened.

Many of the family’s neighbors have said they weren’t even aware Willow lived in the same house as her dad and Shannon.

Please prepare yourself before reading further, as the details of what happened to Willow under her dad’s roof are repulsive and upsetting.

Facebook; Willow is pictured above in a jumper seat

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