8-Year-Old Boy Diagnosed With A Condition Like Childhood Dementia Has Made A Bucket List Of Things He Wants To Do Before His Health Deteriorates

Oscar Jealous is an 8-year-old boy living in Birmingham, England. He looks like your normal, happy, healthy little boy, but he has been diagnosed with a rare and debilitating disease.

He has a condition called Battens Disease, which is a very sad degenerative neurological condition.

“Oscar has always been able to light the room up and his quirky, loveable nature always made him infectious,” his family says on Facebook.

Oscar has already lost his eyesight because of this, and the disease has caused him to develop ADHD and Autism.

He will also end up getting epilepsy, and he will also have something along the lines of childhood dementia. He will stop remembering who his loved ones are.

Oscar will also need to have a feeding tube put in as he loses his ability to swallow on his own. He will stop walking. He will stop talking.

It’s not known how long Oscar will have left to live, but most children diagnosed with Battens Disease only live until their teenage years.

Even though so many terrible things have already happened to this little boy, he never complains and takes it all in stride.

Here are some of the things Oscar would like to do with his family before his health deteriorates further.

Facebook; Oscar smiles in the photo above while sitting on a slide

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