Adele Is Getting Slammed Online For Losing 98 Pounds, And Now Her Personal Trainer Is Sticking Up For Her

Adele just can’t win. She got slammed for her weight when she was heavier, and now that she lost 98 pounds, she’s getting slammed again.

In a post she shared on Instagram five days ago, Adele showed off her new figure while thanking first responders.

Chanel’s own Karl Lagerfeld roasted Adele for being too big before she lost weight. But now that she actually is much skinner, people online are coming for her over it.

People said some terrible and cruel things about her, like, “Skinny does not equal hot.”

“Slimmer yes healthier no. looks tired and old.”

“I think Adele was more attractive and sexy with her curves.”

Adele’s personal trainer decided he had to say something to defend her against all this, and this is what he shared.

Instagram; Adele is pictured above

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