Disgruntled Coworker Says His Colleague Is ‘Sympathy Milking’ Her Son’s Death At Work And The Internet Can’t Believe What He’s Saying

Losing a loved one is hard, and everyone handles their grief differently.

A disgruntled coworker is saying his colleague is “sympathy milking” her son’s death at work, and the internet can’t believe what he’s saying.

Honestly, when you hear about what he has to say, you’re going to think he’s the worst too.

“So my coworker’s son passed away due to a seizure in his sleep 3 years ago (he was 13) and ever since she has always taken off for his birthday and the day he passed because they are close to each other (His birthday is Jan 1 and he passed Jan 3),” he starts out by explaining.

“Now don’t get me wrong I’m sad for her but I feel like she is just sympathy milking at this point…”

“…During the first few months, she would always take “breaks” to cry in the bathroom for a few minutes like I walked into the bathroom to hear her crying.”

“So this happened back in January but I’m still getting sh*t for it today.”

“I was in the break room with some coworkers and I asked one of them have you seen my friend (let’s call her Bun) and they said she was covering for a coworker and I got a bit upset.”

He says to Bun and the other coworkers in the break room, “Why does she get all this special treatment like she does this every year.”

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