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Do Not Try This At Home! Doctor Is Sharing Horrifying Photos To Point Out How Dangerous And Damaging At-Home Chemical Peels Are

Taking to Instagram, Doctor Zoe shared an eye-opening post along with several photos of the heartbreaking result…

…Third-degree chemical burns.

It looks like a lot of women are choosing downtime in quarantine to try to experiment with chemical peels at home, and there are plenty of online groups and social media accounts offering “help” on how to do it.

“DIY 3rd-degree chemical burn,” Zoe explained in her post.

“So keep ordering TCA illegally online and watching YouTube videos and joining these toxic Facebook tribe groups.”

Instagram; Doctor Zoe shared this photo of what happened when this woman tried a chemical peel at home

“I worked in the burn ICU for a couple of years and NONE of these ever resulted in a “glow up.” These DESPERATE measures people take are sure to leave a lifetime impression that’s for sure.”

Someone in the comments section asked her if this poor woman would ever be able to recover from this, and it turns out she will have scars for the rest of her life.

Instagram; Doctor Zoe shared the above photo of the woman who gave herself a third-degree burn

“Can be treated as a typical burn but she will definitely have permanent scarring that can’t be fixed,” Doctor Zoe said.

She also shared in the comments that this is the worst chemical peel burn she has so far encountered.

It turns out, she also follows a Facebook page that encourages women to try these dangerous things at home.

“I watch the train wreck daily on that FB page quietly and some of it I just am shocked. It’s all shocking.”

You can follow Doctor Zoe on Instagram here.

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