Group Of Heroic Strangers Fought Raging Flames To Free Baby From A Burning Car That The Mom Intentionally Started And Now He Has Serious Injuries

4 different people driving past that afternoon immediately stopped to help or called 911 to report the burning car.

Noticing there was a child still in the backseat, some of the good samaritans risked their lives and desperately worked to get little Kairon out of the burning car as the flames came close to them.

The responding police officers stated that Caylin and Kairon, “smelled strongly of accelerant that appeared to have been intentionally used to cause great bodily injury or death.”

Kairon was airlifted by helicopter to a burn center, and he sadly has burns to 23% of his little body.

He has varying second and third-degree burns, with the worst ones covering his feet and hands.

His dad Steven Bramsen explained on a GoFundMe page he set up to help cover Kairon’s medical expenses that even though he is just 13-months-old, “he will never have the same feeling or sensation in his hands or feet that he once had.”

His dad went on to say, “He has touched the lives of so many with his beautiful smile and his Sweet Soul. Growing up and being an adult in today’s society you never think anything like this can hit so close to home.”

“Spoke with the surgeon and after recalculating his burn areas they said that 23% of his body is actually burned originally it was 20% he will have to have several other surgeries still.”

“…She also stated he will be here for weeks to come his next surgery will be in 3 days. This is all very upsetting I really just want my little guy to be okay. Thank you everybody and continue to keep him in your prayers.”

“He’s currently at the Augusta burn center in Georgia, where he will need multiple surgeries of skin grafts while he is there. He will also need future skin graft surgeries as well.”

Steven also went on to say that Kairon’s mom Caylin was acting very disturbingly on the day she decided to light her son and car on fire.

GoFundMe; Kairon smiles in the above black and white photo

Steven told the Richland County Sheriff’s Department that Caylin had been threatening him that morning.

The incident report states she said that she was going to take Kairon and “drive off into the water.”

She also tried to attack Steven with a knife, but he was able to take it away from her and hid it inside of his current girlfriend’s car, which he drove over to Caylin’s house so he could check on Kairon that day.

Caylin then hurled 2 flower pots at the car, which shattered the windshield. Steven knew he had to get out of there, so he tried to back the car up but Caylin got in her car (Kairon was in the backseat) and slammed into the front of it.

Steven then went to the police department, and authorities were able to use Caylin’s cellphone to try to track her down.

As they were doing so, the call came in saying Caylin had lit the car on fire with Kairon still inside.

Authorities are saying Caylin did this all on purpose, but they have no idea why this mom would do such a terrible thing to her own child.

Following her arrest, Caylin was taken to a local hospital so she could be treated for some small injuries she sustained before heading to jail.

Caylin was charged with several different felonies, such as arson, abuse, attempted murder, and infliction of great bodily harm on a child.

A judge has denied Caylin bail, so she will continue to stay behind bars at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center located in Columbia.

Columbia Police Department; pictured above is Caylin in her mugshot

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