He Found Out His 25-Year-Old Girlfriend Was A Sugar Baby In College And Then He Asked The Internet If He Should End The Relationship

A 30-year-old man says he just found out his 25-year-old girlfriend was a sugar baby in college. He then asked the internet if he should end the relationship.

“I have been together with a girl I’ll call Jane for two years now,” he started out by explaining.

“We met while I was finishing law school and she was working on a masters’ at the same university and really clicked.”

“We have been together for two years now and moved in together last year.”

“We were even making vague plans of what the timeline for marriage could be once we were both done with school and could prepare to settle down.”

“I’m listing these things just to kind of explain the context because I really thought she might be the one and now I just don’t know how I want to move forward.”

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