Her Best Friend’s Fiancée Died And Now She’s Dating Her Identical Twin Sister But Needs The Internet’s Advice Since Her Friend Is Upset

A woman says her best friend’s fiancée died, and now she’s dating her identical twin sister…

…She needs the internet’s advice on how to handle everything, as now her best friend is very upset with her.

“My childhood friend (“Andrew”, 24-year-old male) dated this girl named Lily (20-year-old female). She was an identical twin,” she starts out by explaining.

“Andrew was absolutely in love with Lily, and they even got engaged.”

“Lily, unfortunately, died in a car accident three years ago. Andrew wasn’t in a good place at all and basically destroyed himself in grief.”

“We drifted apart during that, though I still talk to him every once and a while, and we meet up every so often.”

“I (23-year-old female) met this girl at a café I was working at about a year ago, and she looked just like Lily.”

“I talked to her, and she was Lily’s identical twin, named Cassie.”

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