Her Boyfriend Choked Her So Hard She Passed Out But He Continued Being Intimate With Her While She Was Unconscious And Now She’s Asking The Internet If This Is Normal

A 26-year-old woman was choked so hard by her 35-year-old boyfriend that she passed out. He continued being intimate with her even though she was unconscious.

Now, she’s asking the internet if this is normal behavior.

She started out by saying she’s not so daring, but her boyfriend is when it comes to the bedroom. They’ve been dating for 5 years and he’s her second relationship.

“We explored some things, and I found out that I enjoyed being lightly choked and by that I mean I liked having his hand on me, nothing more,” she explained.

“Last night, we were enjoying our time together, and things got… weird, uncomfortable, and flat out dangerous.”

“I was laying on my stomach, and he was laying on top of me. He started getting more and more aggressive, pulling my hair, and pinning my arms at my sides.”

“I didn’t argue, in the heat of the moment it was nice. He started choking me, he literally put me in a headlock.”

“I couldn’t breathe and started seeing stars and getting tunnel vision.”

“I tried moving my hands, but he had trapped me, I tried to use our safeword, but I literally couldn’t speak. I couldn’t breathe at all. I passed out.”

But he didn’t even care that she was literally unconscious…

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