Her Boyfriend Choked Her So Hard She Passed Out But He Continued Being Intimate With Her While She Was Unconscious And Now She’s Asking The Internet If This Is Normal

“When I came to, I was rolled over on my back. I started crying and asked him how long I had been unconscious for.”

“He said he wasn’t sure, and that he “Didn’t notice” that I had even passed out…”

He just kept going while she was laying there, completely unconscious. He didn’t try to help her or stop to see if she was ok.

“I told him to get away from me. He argued that I didn’t say anything, or tap out. I said how could I?”

“You pinned me down and choked me until I passed out? I called a friend and left immediately.”

“He’s been calling me all day. He doesn’t want me to throw away 5 years of a relationship for 1 mistake.”

“I am hesitant to go back to him. I’m afraid, how could he not notice me no longer making noise (I’m super vocal) or going limp?”

“My friend says I can stay with her as long as I want, and for now I’ve turned my phone off. One of the last texts he sent me he said that it’s just because I’m “inexperienced” and IDK what that even means.”

“He said we never talked about what happened if things went too far, and I say he took all my options away from me (pinning my arms down, choking me until I couldn’t speak).”

“I feel disgusting and violated. I briefly thought about filing a police report, but for what?”

“In five years, nothing like this has ever happened. Is this normal? Could it really have been an accident that I’m blowing out of proportion? Did I really just not understand…?”

She then added, “That’s something that bothered me when I woke up. He was just sitting on the bed.. staring at me, waiting for something to happen? He was eerily calm like he had rehearsed his answers to my concerns.”

She also mentioned, “I don’t know if he’s controlling, but he’s… influencing. He is very helpful all the time, helping me find new jobs if I don’t like the one I’m at.”

“I took a job he didn’t suggest once, and he was really sad, so I had to make things up to him somehow.”

“I lost a couple of friends at the beginning of our relationship, and while I didn’t replace them with his friends, I replaced them with people he suggested. I feel like the frog in boiled water.”

The internet couldn’t believe what he did and insisted she needed to stay away from him. She then shared an update with how she handled everything.

“This guy will end up either purposefully or accidentally killing someone this way…do NOT go back to this man! You may very well not survive.”

“Don’t believe anything he says. Think about it. You were passed out, completely silent, limp, and your eyes were closed. When you woke up, he had flipped you over so he could see your face. There is no way in hell that he did not know you were passed out.”

“You need to seek medical attention right away! Please! “…without proper medical care, strangulation can lead to death days or even weeks after the attack…”

“Please leave. Don’t stay. Don’t listen to whatever apologies he makes. Your safety and life are more important than any amount of time spent in a relationship.”

“I can tell you with 100% certainty that he was absolutely not confused about you being passed out. There is maybe a 5 to 10-second window where you don’t know for sure and that’s about it.”

“No, this isn’t normal. A normal partner would be horrified that you’d passed out, and even more horrified that he didn’t notice.”

“How he has responded is just as important, if not more so, than the original assault. HE’S BLAMING YOU. That’s not okay, he should be apologizing and concerned about you. Run as fast as you can.”

She then shared in an update, “before I get into anything, I am safe, and I am okay and recovering.”

“I can’t go into a lot of details, but the clinic I went to sent me to the hospital, where I had a full workup done, and met with a DV advocate and police officers.”

“The scale of injuries were severe enough that I was granted an immediate order of protection.”

He then sent her the below text message before she changed her phone number so he can’t contact her anymore.

“All of my big things are in storage at my parent’s house, and I’ve been rotating between a couple of different friend’s houses the past couple of nights.”

“I have plans to move a couple of cities over, so I will be as far away from him as possible. My advocate set up an appointment with a therapist, and I met with her this morning.”

If you are suffering from domestic violence, please reach out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233.

You can read the rest of what the internet had to say about all this here.

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