Her Boyfriend Shot And Killed Her In An Arkansas Motel 29 Years Ago And Even Though Her Relatives Have Been Found Nobody Knows Who She Is

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She was blonde, although she was more of a brunette at the time of her death. She was pretty. She was tall.

She was skinny. She had blue eyes. She was as young as 16-years-old and as old as 30. She was found murdered in an Arkansas motel room 29 years ago.

Her killer pleaded guilty to shooting her, and he told authorities exactly who she was…or so he thought.

It turns out, she had a list of different names she went by, and a valid driver’s license that turned out to be somebody else entirely.

Authorities have her fingerprints. They have numerous photos of her. They have her diary. They have her DNA.

Her DNA was positively matched to some of her living relatives pretty recently, but still, nobody knows who she is.

This is the strange story of a woman who came to be known as the El Dorado Jane Doe, in the absence of her real name.

El Dorado Police Department; the El Dorado Jane Doe smiles in the photo above

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