Her Boyfriend Slapped Her For Not Wearing Enough Makeup And Now She’s Asking The Internet To Tell Her If He Deserves Another Chance

“He always asks me to wear full makeup in the way that he likes it. This usually takes me at least half an hour to get done.”

“I didn’t use to mind at all, I loved making him happy and making myself more attractive for him so we can both have more fun.”

“My mood just hasn’t been at all great lately which means I’ve been slacking in a lot of areas, including this one.”

She went on to say he tried to initiate things with her yesterday. “I spent about ten minutes doing minimal makeup and just sat on the bed on my phone waiting for him.”

“He wasn’t very happy when he saw me.”

“He asked if I thought I did a good enough job. I told him I was tired and didn’t want to spend thirty minutes dolling myself up.”

“I might’ve said it in a somewhat nasty tone as I felt annoyed that he wouldn’t let it slide.”

“He asked me again. When I told him no, he slapped my face. It shocked me a lot more than it hurt. I just froze and pretty much disassociated from that point.”

They were intimate. “…It wasn’t great but he was a lot more gentle than usual and it wasn’t that painful for me.”

“He went back to his office to continue working and I just paced around the house, feeling hazy and hurt.”

“I got an apology from him during dinner that night.”

“He said his frustrations from his work and his bad mood made him lash out at me for something that would usually not even make him angry, but he takes full responsibility for what he did and he swears that it will never happen again.”

“He seemed to genuinely regret it and he didn’t even try to shift any of the blame onto me. Even though I know I wasn’t exactly on my best behavior yesterday.”

“I feel so conflicted and I don’t know whether to give him another chance or not.”

“It’s tearing me up to think about what I want to do about this because I don’t want to choose the wrong option and end up regretting it.”

“What do you think I should do?”

The internet did not hold back, and everyone unanimously agreed she needs to get out of that abusive relationship ASAP.

“The wrong option? Girl, you are 21, and the only wrong option would be staying with someone who hits you.”

“He slapped you. There is no excuse for that.”

“Leave and call the cops.”

“Get out while you still can.”

“Imagine your best friend or your little sister came to you with this question. What would you tell her?”

“Maybe just me but you get hit you quit men don’t change.”

“Ok, so he’s frustrated. Does he slap his boss when he’s frustrated? His neighbors? His parents? His friends? He’s using you as a punching bag. Not only that, but he’s trying to control what you look like and punishing you for it if you don’t meet his expectations. This is about power, not being frustrated. You should absolutely not go back to him. This is the first time, not the last time. Don’t stick around to see how many more times it’s going to happen.”

“Hunny leave now. No man is worth getting slapped for any reason. Report him too.”

“If it happened once, it will happen again. So don’t kid yourself. If your sense of dignity and self-respect are still intact, then, yes, you’ll leave him right away.”

“Stop making excuses for him. It doesn’t matter how you’ve been treating each other recently or that he treats you really well otherwise.”

“This is completely unacceptable. The fact that he can’t control his anger and stress from work and then takes it out on you is very very concerning. What will his excuse be next time?”

“This whole post is disgusting. This poor woman. So many things that are wrong here I don’t even know where to begin.”

You can read the rest of what the internet had to say about all this here.

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