Just Hours After She Was Picked Up For Her Date She Was Strangled And Stabbed To Death After Cuddling With The Man She Met

Ashlyn Black was a 25-year-old woman living in Layton, Ohio. Her family described her as a fun-loving and amazing person.

In a statement they released to the media, Ashlyn’s family said, “A monster has taken away the life of our little girl in a crime as senseless as it was evil.”

“Our hearts are broken and our lives are forever changed due to the despicable acts of another person.”

“In just a few senseless and selfish minutes, a life of an amazing, fun-loving young woman was taken, one who had a passion for being the voice of those who could not speak out for themselves.”

“And a gift for working with those who have special needs.”

A few days ago on May 23rd, Ashlyn got ready for a first date she was going on with a 24-year-old man named Ethan Hunsaker.

Ethan lived in the same town as she did, and the two had met one another on the popular dating app Tinder.

Ashlyn used the same app I used to meet my husband, and I know I speak for every young woman in saying nobody ever puts themself out there expecting to meet a murderer.

Unfortunately, Ashlyn didn’t meet a kind young man online, she met a complete monster.

GoFundMe; Ashlyn smiles in the photo above

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