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Khloé Kardashian Toilet Papered Kourtney’s House This Weekend And The Internet Is Fuming That She Could Waste Precious Resources Like That

I know you never thought you’d see the day when toilet paper becomes a precious resource, but it so has.

Even Dr. Oz can’t believe it. He recently posted a photo on Facebook showing an entirely empty aisle of toilet paper, saying, “I went shopping today and there was no toilet paper.”

“(Much to my chagrin there was plenty of soap.) Why we buy out toilet paper is something I’ll never understand.”

Facebook; Dr. Oz shared the photo above of an empty toilet paper aisle

You can’t buy it on Amazon, it’s going for insane prices if you can find it outside of a store, and people are getting into fights when they think people are stocking up on it.

And it’s not just happening here in America…the shortage is worldwide.

Some stars are giving back in big ways right now to help during the pandemic, with some of them even giving out toilet paper.

Justin Stuart and Andrew Scite are two YouTube influencers that decided to donate over $5,000 of toilet paper they bought back in October to make a fort with, and they even documented their drive around Colorado Springs as they handed it out.

While they drove around passing out toilet paper, it brought people they met to pretty much tears over it, since toilet paper is so difficult to get nowadays.

Now, the internet is fuming over what Khloé Kardashian decided to do with her excess toilet paper.

Instagram; Khloé is pictured above

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