Louisiana Teacher Charged For Serving Her Students Cupcakes Full Of Sexual Body Fluids And Those Aren’t Her Only Child-Related Charges

Cynthia first got a job with the Livingston Parish School District back in 2009, and she started teaching English at the Westside Junior High School in 2016.

Dennis started working at the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office in 2002.

Cynthia and Dennis got married on December 7th, 2018, in Las Vegas, and according to court documents, they committed atrocious crimes against children and animals from November 2014 to July 2019.

Facebook; pictured above are Cynthia and Dennis together

It looks like throughout most of the time these two were married, they preyed upon children and did disgusting and heartbreaking things to them.

At first, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children passed along a tip to authorities about the possibility of the couple distributing and possessing explicit content involving children.

This resulted in an investigation into Cynthia and Dennis, and what came to light from that is just unbelievable.

Cynthia baked cupcakes and other goods for her students on several different occasions, and they were full of Dennis’s sexual body fluids.

After parents of the children Cynthia taught and fed the baked goods to found out about what she did, they filed several different civil suits against her and the school district she worked for.

One of the parents who alleges their daughter ate one of these cupcakes also says Cynthia showed her explicit photos and then proceeded to video and photograph her.

According to court filings, Cynthia played an active and eager role in abusing and exploiting children for her own gratification and that of her husband’s.

Court documents explain that there is “a pattern of conduct, system or plan, as well as motive, intent to commit all of the crimes for which Dennis & Cynthia Perkins were indicted.”

Cynthia and Dennis were both arrested, and Cynthia quit her job as a teacher following her arrest, while Dennis was terminated.

Between the two of them, they have been indicted on 150 felonies; Cynthia has been indicted on 72, and Dennis has been indicted on 78.

Facebook; pictured above is Cynthia

After they were indicted, Matt Derbes, the Assistant Attorney General said to the media that there was just “a mountain of evidence.”

“It’s horrific. The allegations are horrific. We’re not going to get into great detail,” he continued.

“Our concern from Day 1 is to protect the privacy of these victims and respect what they’re going through and to not give any details that could potentially divulge the identity of these victims.”

Jeff Landry, Louisiana Attorney General, said in a statement, “Prosecutors from my office recently filed a pleading with our intent to introduce other crimes, wrongs, and bad acts of Dennis and Cynthia Perkins.”

“The material sought to be introduced is undoubtedly evidence of those defendants’ lustful disposition towards children, shows a pattern of conduct, system or plan, modus operandi, as well as motive, intent, and lack of mistake or accident under Louisiana Code of Evidence to commit all of the crimes for which they were indicted.”

“Investigators and examiners from my LBI have processed and analyzed over 5 terabytes of encrypted data backed up to and from various electronic devices owned or used by Dennis and Cynthia Perkins. For perspective, there are 1000 gigabytes in 1 terabyte of data.”

“Most smartphones today operate with an average of 64 gigabytes. The average high-quality photo is approximately 3.5 megabytes, and there are 1000 megabytes in 1 gigabyte.”

“While we will never waiver from our commitment to not say anything that would jeopardize successful prosecutions of the crimes or negatively impact victim privacy rights, this matter is at a point where further comment may be appropriate.”

“We would not be in this position without the assistance of the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Jason Ard and his team have fully cooperated and helped throughout this very serious and sensitive investigation.”

“I can only imagine how difficult it has been to refrain from responding publicly to the rumors, innuendos, and slander that have been thrown their way.”

Both Cynthia and Dennis have pleaded not guilty, and interestingly enough the same day they did that was the same day Cynthia moved to file for divorce.

Cynthia and Dennis are both currently behind bars awaiting trials, which have not yet been scheduled.

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