Man Says He’s Upset His Wife Is Telling Their Teen Daughter Her Boyfriend Needs To Pay For Everything And The Internet Says His Wife Is Setting Her Up To Be A Sugar Baby

A man is saying he’s upset his wife is telling their teen daughter that her boyfriend needs to pay for everything.

The internet is saying, well, his wife is just setting her up to be a sugar baby, and there are a lot of strong opinions on this entire situation.

“Wife and I have been married 18 years, we have our 16-year-old daughter who has been dating a slightly shy/ awkward young man for around 3-4 months now,” he starts out by explaining.

“He seems very nervous around my daughter and has admitted in a passing comment here and there to my wife and I that he can’t believe she agreed to date him and he thinks she’s way out of his league.”

“He seems very respectful, just shy.”

“My wife is usually an independent, awesome woman and her ideals align closely with mine particularly in terms of feminism and equality.”

“We have both striven to raise our daughter to be as independent and capable as possible.”

Yeah, it turns out that’s not quite true.

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