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Meet The Alaskan Man That Travels 14 Hours To The Nearest Costco To Make Sure His Entire Town Doesn’t Starve

Going the extra mile is taking on a whole new meaning in the tiny town of Gustavus, Alaska. To say this place is remote is almost an understatement.

Gustavus is located right on the southeastern coast, next to the Atlantic Ocean, and the town’s whole population is less than 500 people.

There are more moose than human beings there, and the town is bordered by the Glacier Bay National Park.

It’s extraordinarily difficult to get there on a good day, considering there are no roads. You have to fly in on a seaplane or take a boat to get there.

There used to be a ferry that traveled out to Gustavus, but after a series of bad storms destroyed the town’s dock, and then the pandemic hit, the ferry stopped operating.

Residents of Gustavus started getting very low on the supplies they had, and they thought they might all starve.

That was until a local grocer by the name of Toshua Parker knew he had to do something to save the town.

Facebook; Toshua smiles in the photo above

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