Mom Gives Birth In Her Car Right Before Getting Into A Deadly Accident, And Her Newborn Somehow Survives

This has to be the craziest birth story I have ever heard. A mom gave birth in a car right before getting into a deadly accident, and her newborn somehow survived.

23-year-old Crysten Graham is a mom living in Georgia. On April 19th, she was supposed to be induced, but her baby had other plans.

Crysten knew she was having labor pains on April 13th, so she phoned up her mom to drive her to the hospital.

Crysten’s mom Chrys Yvette Jones came over right away. She helped Crysten and her 14-month-old daughter, Tai Anderson, into her SUV. Nobody was available to watch Tai, so she had to come along for the ride.

It was a 12-mile drive from Crysten’s house to Northside Hospital Gwinnett, but just a mile away from the hospital, Crysten’s baby couldn’t wait any longer.

YouTube; Inside Edition shared this photo of Crysten’s newborn baby

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