Over 400 Greyhounds In Alabama Desperately Need Homes Now That Racing Has Ended And Here’s How You Can Adopt One

Birmingham Greyhound Racing in Alabama has been in existence for approximately 3 decades.

Now, they’re closing down, which means more than 400 greyhounds are in desperate need of new homes now that racing has ended.

Dog racing is only legal in 10 different states, and Birmingham Greyhound Racing is only a handful of places that still do live dog races.

As for why it’s now coming to an end at Birmingham Greyhound Racing?

“It was mostly a financial decision,” Kip Keefer, the executive director of the Birmingham Racing Commission said to AL.com.

“Revenues have lagged. It’s not a product that was supporting itself.”

Well, this means that around 450 greyhounds that used to have a career racing are now in need of new homes, and here’s how you can adopt one.

The Alabama Greyhound Adoption Center; pictured above is GEZ Night Song and she is available for adoption!

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