Real Housewives Star Meghan King Edmonds Reveals She ‘Wasn’t Looking Forward To Mother’s Day’ And This Is The Sad Reason Why

Taking to Instagram, Meghan shared in a post, “I wasn’t looking forward to this Mother’s Day.”

“Quarantined with 3 screaming toddlers for 9 weeks while trying to work hasn’t exactly been a prime environment for me to feel like I’m earning any mother-of-the-year awards.”

“Being prisoners in our home has killed our spirits and crushed our souls.”

Instagram; Meghan shared the above photo with what she had to say on Mother’s Day

“Then add this: it’s my first Mother’s Day I’m spending without a partner, something I NEVER envisioned. “Families are created out of unconditional love,” I thought. “Two parents weather life’s storms but always remain together to celebrate the subsequent rainbows,” I thought.”

“But that is not my story and that makes me feel deeply regretful – like I failed my children by not giving them a nuclear family.”

Instagram; Meghan is pictured above with her children

“But today I am refusing to dwell on mistakes and shitty situations I can’t control; today I control my reaction.”

“I miss my step-kids who made me a mother before I had children of my own and I am sending them so much love.”

“I miss my freedom. And I mourn the loss of what could’ve been.”

“But despite this, I look at my beautiful tribe with pride because I am a mother to three incredible kids and I’m the only one they’ve got.”

“To all the mamas out there, I lift you up in solidarity for all the hard times and in celebration of the good times. Hats off to us today, for all the hats we wear.”

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