Researchers Create An AI Network That’s Pretty Much A Psychopath, And They Even Named It After One

Researchers working at the MIT Media Lab (which is dedicated to machine learning and AI) created one chilling piece of tech…an artificially intelligent neural network that’s pretty much a psychopath.

They even named it after one!

The creators of this AI have decided to call “him” Norman, after the fictitious and psychopathic serial killer Norman Bates from the thriller novel called Psycho.

It was also later turned into a film by Alred Hitchock and the TV series Bates Motel was created as a prequel.

Robert Bloch, the author of Psycho created Norman Bates based on a real live serial killer named Ed Gein, who went down in infamy for skinning the people he killed.

Getting back to this AI named Norman, here’s what so disturbing about him and how he ended up that way.

MIT; pictured above is Norman

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